About Glenn Upton-Fletcher Wildlife Photography

Where from:

I grew up in the great outdoors in Southern Africa and left 8 years ago, in search of a new Challenge, and to see more of the world outside the "mother continent" decided to give the UK a go. After much restlessness, and struggling with the lack of "Bush" coupled with Coming from a Creative & Business background in printing, IT, working behind a desk with slow progress to nowhere, needed to change. Itchy feet to be outdoors, i bought a camera and this forced me outside into the UK countryside. Growing up in Africa for me is definitely a case of take me out of the bush, but can't take the bush out of me. So a transition into Studying Wildlife and Environmental photography began towards the end of 2009. 

Why am i doing what i do, and my vision:

It all started a while ago with a buzz word from the 1990's 'Globalisation' and it's ever changing meaning for mankind, the Environment, and Habitats. Campfire projects, Grassroots training, Rural Development, IMF, Market reform, NGO's, droughts, are more buzz words that stirred my thoughts, and witnessing first hand on different continents what this actually means really drives me to Recording, documenting and highlighting, the Human impact on the natural world, and give a visual meaning to what this actually means. In both loss and gain.

The Natural worlds reaction, adaptation and strategies to the challenges presented by the climate change debate, mankind's correction and responses of this phenomenon are focus points for me. In a world of growing awareness of the debates for managed micro and global habitat and increasing conservation efforts, the different Cultural and social interpretations of how this management is to be accomplished is my visual challenge. The ideas that prices are being put on Nature and the natural world, and the increasing demands being placed on nature puts me in the middle as a visual communicator and voice for the Natural world, and informant to Society, culture and hopefully contribute towards more informed decisions by policy makers.

Currently I have a healthy growing interest in wetlands, and coastal habitats, whilst building on my portfolio, adding to subjects i have photographed, and adding new subjects regularly. I have started the website with the more common species, as this for me fits well with connecting and reconnecting people with nature. The website is a work in progress with new work being added regularly to new Galleries and collections.


It is my hope you enjoy your visit, and welcome any comments or queries, via the contact page.