Artist Statement

Welcome to my website.

Through this website i hope to share my visual view of our natural world, connecting and reconnecting people with our Natural world, with Wetlands always managing to endear me.

A collection of bird images are contained on this site, quite simply birds are fanicating, secondly birds are a good introduction to the natural world. Birds are also a key to bridging and narrowing the widening gap between society and wildlife, environments, and important issues facing essential bio-diverse habitats. In addition our feathered friends are a good indicator species to the condition of a habitat or environment.

My amphibian images are growing, related work will follow, to include, landscapes, flora & fauna, mammals, Conservation and travel images.

We do hope you enjoy your visit, and welcome any comments, questions, or queries. All images are available as high quality prints, or for commercial use.
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Glenn Upton-Fletcher Wildlife Photography
I grew up in Mother Africa in the school of the great outdoors before moving to the UK in 2002. The love of the outdoors was instilled by my parents and by mother nature herself. Growing up with mother nature as my source of toys, endless hours or sun, dust, with wild storms, seasonal fruit, wildlife and fauna in bountiful measure set the stage with a for a life long fascination of the natural world. With a family of Farmers, Scientists, and biologists it was an inescapable bonding.
Photography of the natural world was born out of my preference to travel overland rather than flying to a destination however long, or rough the terrain. The overland travel, something my father passed on to me. Going off the beaten track gave me insight into many things that were once in a lifetime occurrences. These countless trips were not just Journeys of discovery but rather each one a complete adventure. It was the need to record these now personal adventures that lead to me buying my first serious camera, a film based Canon 1000F. The odd bit about owning the Canon 1000F and all it's advanced features for its time was the lack of never mastering it. The 'green' zone was the best way to getting a shot that was exposed somewhat correctly.
Years Later, and a few into life in the UK, i took up photography again shortly after birth of our daughter, and realising the Canon iXus500 was rubbish at taking decent photographs of such an important part of my life, leading to the purchase of a DLSR, and good glass. This led to a change in work and life and an opportunity to study Wildlife Photography late 2009. It is now the realisation of a dream, the marriage of the Love of photography, and wildlife that sets me on my current journey. I have learnt about aperture, shutter priority, and manual mode to. The ultimate goal to share with others these things, Mother Nature, Overland travel and Photography.